Meet your neighbors: Mix ‘n’ Match Creamery


Downtown Oak Grove is getting its first ice cream shop: Mix ‘n’ Match Creamery. They open April 16th! Stop by and support these folks!  (2144 SE Oak Grove Blvd.) In the meantime, we did a Q&A with them. Check it out.

Tell us about your business?
We believe in bringing joy to people, and ice cream is a great way to do that! The most exciting thing that we do is make custom ice cream, right before your eyes, using liquid nitrogen!

Our mission is to also bring joy to people globally. We do that by giving 10% of our sales to help feed starving children. We are currently working with Children Of The Promise in Haiti, who help care for sick and malnourished infants and toddlers. They also educate families in how to offer proper nutrition to their children, and employ locals to help them provide for their families. Everything you buy from Mix ‘n’ Match Creamery goes toward helping save the lives of children.

What will you be offering? What kind of coffee?
When you choose your ice cream, you get to pick a flavor from a list of 30, and select a free mix ‘n from a menu of 20 sweet and savory options! We add it to the ice cream base, blast it with liquid nitrogen, and stir until the smoke dissipates, revealing the creamiest ice cream you’ll ever experience!

We’re also excited to start serving coffee, espresso beverages, and pastries, which will make a great addition to our ice cream. We use Millar’s coffee, a roaster local to the Pacific Northwest. Millar’s Genuine Wood Roasted Coffee is 100% USDA Organic and supports our environment by using sustainable fair trade coffee.

Why did you choose downtown Oak Grove?
We chose historic downtown Oak Grove for our first brick and mortar location because we think that it’s the perfect place to build a family establishment. Having been a part of a smaller community in the past, we love the community feel of Oak Grove.

Do you see a potential here?
We’re excited for what’s happening in downtown Oak Grove! With Oak Grove Hair Design moving in, Merry Margaret’s revamp, and the Trolley Trail Market entering into its third season, it seems like there are so many community-oriented happenings in Oak Grove! And now it’s even getting national attention from Forbes! We see potential all over the place here.


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