Gladstone’s Happyrock Coffee nabs award


Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co. down in Gladstone is one of the few roasters in the Clack. It’s easily accessible from the Trolley Trail or a quick spin down McLoughlin from Milwaukie or Oak Grove.

They just let us know that their “Blend No.5” was named one of the 10 best espresso blends in Oregon at The Best Coffee In Oregon Championships last month. The event was held at the Oregon State Fair. A panel of six judges – restaurateurs, specialty coffee retailers or executive chefs sampled a total of 90 coffees in three categories, Signature Blend, Single-Varietal, and Espresso. All were presented by competition-level baristas to insure maximum extraction per entry.

Placing high in prestigious coffee competitions isn’t new to Happyrock Coffee. Happyrock also won an award in the 2010 Best Coffee in Oregon Competition at the Oregon State Fair with the blend “Storm of the Black Bear,” and again in 2011 for the blend “Darkness of Divinity.” In 2012 “Blend No.5” was in the Top 16 finalists in the America’s Best Espresso Competition at Coffee Fest Seattle.

Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co. was founded in 1999 in historic downtown Gladstone. The name comes from what the locals call the town (Happyrock). Lisa Halcom has been the owner and roaster since 2009. She has more 14 years of coffee experience including corporate coffee in her early years, to the NE Portland micro-roaster La Tazza Rossa where she learned about roasting, to Heart Attack Espresso’s mobile espresso from the back of an ambulance.

Happyrock roasts all beans in small batches, which guarantees consistent quality. Serving a high-end product while maintaining its friendly small town atmosphere is Happyrock’s goal. Besides online and in their small historic shop, Happyrock Coffee can also be found in restaurants throughout the Clack such as The Oregon City Farmers Market, Spicer Brothers Produce and Market of Choice, as well as the specialty store Made In Oregon.

Congrats Lisa and the Happyrock gang!


2 thoughts on “Gladstone’s Happyrock Coffee nabs award

  1. I rode the trolley trail to Gladstone the other day. It sort of dumps you off without any indication of anything else to see or do. I wish I would have seen your story about Happyrock coffee. Anything else I should try the next time I venture that way?

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