What We’ve Lost: Church on Courtney Ave. and River Road

Last month there was a discussion on the Oak Grove Facebook page about the empty lot on River Road and Courtney next to the handsome house that sits next to the corner. A commenter mentioned there was – at one point  in time – a church on the corner that had the same style of the well-kept home that sits on the (almost) corner.

Some sleuthing revealed that – indeed – there was a church where the grassy lot now sits. Pouring through the Clackamas County Cultural Resource Inventory book I found a photo (albeit a shitty, Xeroxed one) of the church that had once stood on the spot.

Long-gone church on River Road and Courtney Avenue.

Long-gone church on River Road and Courtney Avenue.

(The book, by the way, is an amazing resource for local historians and building nerds. In 1983, the county sent out letters to residents asking them a few questions about their property (year built, style of home, etc.). The purpose of the inventory was to provide the State Historic Preservation Office with information for possible inclusion in the statewide inventory. Sadly, many of the buildings in the book are no longer standing- like the corner church.)

But back to the photo – it’s not a great photo, but you can clearly see the tip of the existing building in the middle as well as the unique “steeple” above that. Described as “Western Falsefront-Bungalow,” the building was constructed in approximately 1901- 1910 and was still standing in 1983.

What else has Oak Grove – architecturally – lost in the last 30 years? Plenty, if flipping through the inventory is any indication. We’ll occasionally post some of our lost treasures – with the hope that they inspire us to save what we currently have.


2 thoughts on “What We’ve Lost: Church on Courtney Ave. and River Road

  1. I moved out of Oak Grove in 1983,There was a big four square House behind the Oak Grove shops that burned down in the 80’s? the Pharmacy burned down as well…Arson?? I remember the Pharmacy clock about the fountain I wondered if that survived or was taken down when Cranston took over the existing space.. there also was a estate across from the reeves house that is (currently for sale) that used to be I was told the Cranston house but on the Arista side where the trolley ran there was a reeves station stop in front of the house..one picture survives of the trolley stop with the house in the background, the house was later converted into apartments and 4 other apartments were built ..the place was never taken care of when I was a kid the house had the same stone construction as many around it like the Hanna house and the two others on linden lane the house had a round stone constructed fountain facing Arista and a large barn like garage next too the free standing apts this was all demolished….since 2006 when i Left Oregon

  2. This house on the crner on Courtney and river road is the house that we grew up in. The Church was still there, It had also been a Movie theater.. It was then a storage building owned by our landlord. This house is full of memories fr me.
    Annette Faucett

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